Publications (Peer-reviewed)

2010 6 Integration of ligand characteristics for the simulation of cellular reactions

Bauer R.A.
    Disseration, Free University of Berlin, urn:nbn:de:kobv:188-fudissthesis000000014787-2 [Link]
Fast Structural Alignment of Biomolecules Using a Hash Table, N-Grams and String Descriptors

Bauer R.A., Rother K., Moor P., Reinert K., Steinke T., Bujnicki J. M., Preissner R.

Algorithms 2009, 2, 692-709. [Link]

4 SuperLooper - A prediction server for the modeling of loops in globular and membrane proteins

Hildebrand P.W., Goede A., Bauer R.A., Gruening B., Ismer J., Michalsky E., Preissner R.

Nucleic Acids Research (Web Server issue), 2009 [Link]

3 SuperSite: Dictionary of metabolite and drug binding sites in proteins

Bauer R.A.*, Günther S.*, Heeger C., Jansen D., Thaben P., Preissner R.

Nucleic Acids Research (Database issue), 2009 [Link]
2 Suffix techniques as a rapid method for RNA substructure search

Bauer R.A.*, Rother K.*, Bujncki J.M., Preissner R.

Genome Informatics, 20 2008, 183-198 [Link]

Superimposé: A 3D structural superposition server

Bauer R.A., Bourne P.E., Formella A., Frömmel C., Gille C., Goede A., Guerler A., Hoppe A., Knapp E.-W., Pöschel T., Wittig B., Ziegler V., Preissner R.

Nucleic Acids Research; 2008 [Link]


* joint first authors