• The future of scientific publication and exchange.
  • Solving problems in the petabyte scale (distributed hashtables, Hadoop, distributed computing).
  • Structural bioinformatics, functional classification of biomolecules in silico.
  • Challenges in the field of next generation sequencing (petabyte scale data) - single molecule sequencing and personalized medicine.

The long version

My educational background and main interest until 2003 was more or less die hard computer science. And really - I still love the computer science geek stuff. But in the course of my Master program I almost accidentally heard lectures in Algorithmic Bioinformatics and was stunned by the endless possibilities of our era. So I tried to add as much Bio* spice to my studies and finally did my Master's thesis at Epigenomics, a company that is developing methylation based diagnostics (...and I tried to hang around a lot with the biotechies of course).

To get a more fundamental knowledge in the field I successfully applied for the international graduate school "Genomics and Systems Biology of Molecular Networks" in the Preissner lab. Apart from the fact that the participating labs of the graduate school gave me a great impression of the field - I really liked the aspect that the Preissner lab consisted not only of in silico people but also of biologists that actually go in the wet lab and do experiments (the holy grail).

In general I am trying to get a really broad overview of the Bio* landscape. So I am looking forward to new challenges and cooperations in the field. If you have any ideas or comments I am looking forward to hearing from you.